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    NPRC is a non-profit trade association of organizations that provide payroll processing and employment tax services directly to employers. NPRC members serve more than 1.4 million employers with a combined total of more than 35 million employees, over one-third of the private sector workforce.
NPRC members meet regularly with the IRS to improve IRS systems, forms and regulations that are critical to the employer services industry.
Members provide input on the practical implications of proposals to regulate the industry. NPRC recommendations to enhance the safety of client funds held by payroll service providers have been broadly accepted by Congress, state legislatures and the IRS.
NPRC provides an organized forum to address difficult administrative or technical demands. Members share information and concerns about reporting requirements and particular problems faced by the industry.
NPRC provides input to policymakers who seek to understand the feasibility and cost of proposed reporting requirements.
NPRC works with government partners to promote improved communications with payroll firms, including best practices such as programs to verify key tax information to ensure accurate filings.
NPRC provides input to government software developers who must design technologies to receive and process payroll reports, a significant proportion of which are received in bulk from payroll processors.
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Last updated October 10, 2010