NPRC Government Affairs Membership

The National Payroll Reporting Consortium, Inc. has a class of members known as Government Affairs Members. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to approve organizations for membership, based on the criteria which appears below, and any other factors which the Board in its sole discretion may wish to consider.

Government Affairs Membership is open to any organization that provides payroll reporting services in more than one state, directly to employers, and makes an average of over 100 federal employment tax deposits per business day using the IRS EFTPS system. Such services must include, at a minimum, filing federal and state employment tax returns, depositing federal and state payroll-related taxes and state income taxes withheld from payrolls; and filing quarterly wage reports, and annual 1099 or W-2 reports.

Prospective Government Affairs members must be willing to make a significant commitment to the organization, which may include:

  • Annual dues that are substantially higher than Associate member dues. Dues are set annually based upon an assessment of need and possible projects forecast for the upcoming year.
  • A commitment to support the NPRC through additional dues if necessary. This is an open-ended commitment that may result in substantial additional dues being assessed. The organization has not issued a supplemental assessment to date.
  • Significant travel and time commitments may be required of the person representing the member company. The NPRC meets with government agencies such as the IRS and Social Security Administration, and state agencies as warranted, in addition to an annual NPRC meeting.

Suggestions for possible NPRC projects are welcome from all sources. Proposals should be submitted to the Board for consideration.