NPRC Membership is open to any organization that provides payroll reporting services in more than one state, directly to employers, and makes an average of over 100 federal employment tax deposits per business day using the IRS EFTPS system. Such services must include, at a minimum, filing federal and state employment tax returns, depositing federal and state payroll-related taxes and state income taxes withheld from payrolls; and filing quarterly wage reports, and annual 1099 or W-2 reports. Click on Membership above for more details.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Many members say that the biggest benefit of membership is advance warning of changes and trends. NPRC members meet regularly with key government agencies that administer payroll reporting, to learn about new initiatives that may affect their business.
  • NPRC members are provided with a password to access the ‘members only’ sections of the NPRC website, which generally include:
    • Announcements of new federal and state electronic filing initiatives for employment taxes and other reporting.
    • Summaries of recent NPRC meetings with government agencies, which often provide early warning of possible changes and trends.
    • Federal and state agency announcements and other information that are intended for payroll reporting service providers.
    • Participation in developing industry positions through in-person meetings with government agencies and regulatory bodies and by development of position papers.
    • Association news, state and federal legislation, notices of upcoming events, industry trends, and much more.